Hi, I’m Steve.

I’m a Linux, Firefox, uBlock Origin, and Decentraleyes user, High School VPN creator, and probably done some other privacy things too.

I value your privacy just like I value mine.

For this reason, I’ve opted to not use Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Fonts, or any other Google service on this site; and instead use Cloudflare analytics since it’s privacy focused, doesn’t use cookies or localStorage, and I’m using Cloudflare anyway. Read more about Cloudflare analytics here.

I am also using Bunny Fonts, a privacy focused Google Fonts alternative; and FLoC is disabled on this site (thanks Clean up the web!).

However, at the moment I am using Disqus for comments, while they aren’t great, they do honour Do Not Track requests, and have an opt-in ‘Privacy Mode’. Read more about Disqus’ privacy here. I will be replacing Disqus with a self-coded Cloudflare Workers based comment system eventually.

Thanks for reading!

This site doesn't use any Google services, read more here.
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