Find 4K Native Supported SSDs

I was recently looking for a 4Kn supported SSD for my laptop, I know it doesn’t really improve performance by a noticeable amount, I was more just looking for power efficiency, which also hasn’t really been benchmarked. So… uhh… higher number better right?

Using the Linux Hardware Database

  • I have found the most luck by entering the model name (not model number) of the SSD, eg. “SN850” for a “Western Digital 1TB Black SN850”, and leaving the rest blank.
  • Choose whatever result looks most like your SSD, and click on it.
  • Then click on whatever probe result you feel like, I prefer to stick to the ones with a ‘works’ status. It might be best to cross reference multiple results too.
  • Now on that probe’s page, scroll down to Logs, and click Smartctl.
  • Under Supported LBA Sizes, you should hopefully see (at least) two entries, 512 and 4096. If you only see 512, then the SSD does not support 4Kn.
  • Namespace 1 Formatted LBA Size: Will also tell you the LBA that the SSD is currently formatted to, which is usually the default LBA size (unless the user has changed it).

Formatting as 4Kn

There is a great article on the Arch Wiki for formatting as Advanced Format, but mostly:

  • You would want nvme-cli installed,
  • Use nvme id-ns -H /dev/nvme0n1 to double check it supports 4K LBAs (replacing nvme0n1 with the respective device)
  • Then run nvme format --lbaf=1 /dev/nvme0n1 (replacing ‘1’ with the respective LBA ID)

Note: This will destroy any data currently on the drive!

This was quickly thrown together, so it will not be detailed, complete, accurate, or up to date. I will try to keep it updated though.

Drive Max LBA Default LBA
Western Digital 1TB Black 4096 512
Corsair MP600 CORE XT 1TB 4096 512
Crucial T700 1TB 4096 512
Samsung 1TB 990 Pro 512 512
Kingston KC3000 1TB 512 512
Crucial P5 Plus 1TB 512 512

Thanks for reading!

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